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Feast With Your Hands Moroccan Food & Culture

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Our tour through Morocco was led graciously and handily by the divine Ms. Gia. She chose for our tour a pretty overarching view of the country from the old Medina in Marrakech to the lively port of Essaouria on the Atlantic where we giggled through a camel ride at sunset on the beach and ended with a glimpse at the Berber culture in the desert foothills of the Atlas Mountains. Beautiful tagines of cooked Moroccan specialties, pastries and tea, steamy hammams and many technicolor visual delights met us at every turn. Accommodations were very clean and equally comfortable. A truly satisfying way to see this mysterious yet friendly country. -Harriet Bernstein

It was such a great trip, and it woke up the travel desire in me.

We just stayed in Demnate (after the tour was over) as it was like a private retreat for us. Hyatt cooked for us and we had a wonderful tour to the natural bridge and the ceramic making, clay excavation area. I painted, hiked, and took hammams too.

-Melissa Patterson

Thank you so much Gia, for all of your research and planning beforehand, your patience with all of our needs, and your beautiful spirit throughout the trip. I enjoyed everything, from the tour of delicious street foods to the cooking classes, from the well-chosen restaurants to our elegant, hospitable riads/hotels, from the visit to the argan oil cooperative to the pleasures of the hammam. A truly unforgettable experience. -Jenny Allen

I loved every minute of the trip- Jan Buhrman

I am putting harissa in everything I eat and loving my crystallized eucalyptus. Both bring back fond memories of the time we all spent together -Barbara Courtney

Unforgettable experience- Salema Jenkins

Photos By Peter Angelo Simon