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Feast With Your Hands Moroccan Food & Culture

Dinners                          Tours Spice                   Shop Boxes

Cooked Salads/Vegetable Dishes

Eggplant,Tomato & Chili

Roasted Tomato & Pine Nut

Tomato & Parsley Puree

Okra & Tomato

Fried Eggplants

Fried Green Peppers

Fried Cauliflower

Winter Squash & Onions

Beet & Onion

Beet & Toasted Cumin

Artichoke & Mint

Carrot & Cumin

White Potato & Mint

Grilled Pepper

Greens & Preserved Lemon

Lentil & Tomato

White Bean & Saffron

Chickpea, Onion & Paprika

Fresh Fava Bean

Red Pepper & Argan Oil

Fresh Vegetable Salads

Tomato & Capers

Pepper & Fresh Cheese

Cucumber & Lemon

Tomato, Cucumber & Pepper

Parsley & Lemon

Fennel & Onion

Fresh Fruit Salads

Watermelon w/ Ginger & Mint

Watermelon w/ Rose Water & Lemon Balm

Strawberries & Orange

Oranges w/ Rose Water & Cinnamon

Fresh figs w/ Walnuts & Honey

Pear w/Walnuts & Honey

Sweet-Savory & Floral Salads

Pear, Endive & Rose Petal

Endive, Orange & Walnut

Carrot & Orange

Radish & Orange

Fennel, Onion & Orange

Grated Carrot & Orange

Grated Cucumber & Orange

Beet & Cinnamon

Carrot & Golden Raisin

Tomato & Rose Petal

Spinach, Shallots, Currant & Almond

Eggplant & Pomegranate

Orange & Black Olive

Sweet Potato & Raisin