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Feast With Your Hands Moroccan Food & Culture

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Personal Chef Services

Choose from a range of authentic Moroccan dishes to create simple family meals, elaborate multi-course feast or party platters. Produce will be local, seasonal and organic, meat will be local and grass-fed and imported products such as olives and spices will be organic and fair-trade whenever possible.

A Moroccan Feast

"In the patio cooled by the jet of fountains, guests, seated at a round, low table on divans and poufs, are served bastela followed by poultry and tagine of meat, the couscous always being left for last. Fruit juice, almond milk and water scented with orange blossom are served. A little sandalwood burns slowly as soon as the meal is ended, prelude to the preparation of the mint tea served by the hostess in an elegant kaftan."

Adapted from Moroccan Cooking by Latifa Bennani-Smires