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Feast With Your Hands Moroccan Food & Culture

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w/ Pears

w/ Almond & Prunes

w/ Almonds

w/ Tomato Jam & Sesame Seeds

w/ Apricots & Pine Nuts

w/ Apples

w/ Preserved Lemon & Nigella Seeds

w/ Eggplant & Tomato

w/ Dates & Ginger

w/ Sweet Potatoes & Olives

w/ White Potatoes & Olives

w/ Artichokes & Preserved Lemons

w/ Paprika & Preserved Lemon

w/ Harissa

w/ Perserved Lemon and Olives

w/ 7 Vegetables & Couscous

w/ Sweet Onions, Raisins & Couscous

Pastilla w/ Almonds & eggs (sweet and savory pastry pie)

Steamed w/ herbs and butter