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Feast With Your Hands Moroccan Food & Culture

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Moroccan cuisine as we know it today is pure culinary jazz. It was developed in the imperial kitchens by African women and its secrets passed down mother to daughter for generations. They fused Berber ingredients and cooking methods with those found across the Muslim world, from Persia in the East, Mali in the South and Spain to the North. These royal cooks composed lamb and caramelized fig tagines, a polyrhythm of taste, the unexpected syncopation of rose petals, endive and pears in a salad course, the seasonal improvisation of fillings for flaky briouats, the straight harmony of a pigeon pastilla, the yellow note of saffron in a steaming mounds of couscous, and honeyed almond desserts with an orange blossom groove.

Moroccan cuisine has always been sustainable. Produce is local, organic and seasonal, meat is grass-fed on small farms, and fish is caught wild and bought fresh. Meals are eaten out of a communal plate often with fresh bread as a utensil so water is not wasted washing plates and silverware. Extra food is usually made so that unexpected guests can also be welcomed.

It is in this spirit of historicity, creativity, sustainability and generosity that Feast With Your Hands offers personal chef services, cooking workshops and custom retreats to Morocco.